Round 4 of the SA SBK SERIES

It is race week for our supported rider Ricardo Otto, he will be competing at Aldo Scribante Raceway for Round 4 of the SA SBK SERIES.

This weekend will be the first time Ricardo will be competing in the SA SBK Series Super600 race on some sort of home grounds. Ricardo being situated in George, South Africa has no racing circuit close by, with Aldo Scribante being the closest one to home he will be treating this as his HOME NATIONAL. He is very excited for the opportunity to race here and we are proud to be supporting him 110% with his passion infront of his home crowd.


The racing weekend will consist of 3 qualifying sessions on Friday and 1 warmup on Saturday morning followed by 2 races for the day. It is a very promising event with alot of spectators being expected. Make sure to come check it out!


Photo by: The Marketing Agency


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