Otto Racing Team happy with ORT-Online products!


Otto Racing Team Happy with ORT-Online products!

The Otto Racing Team has recently started using ORT-Online products and we asked them what their oppinions are.

Their Lady Rider, Zante said," I really like the fuel caps, the make my bike look different to the ordinary zx6. It gives it a special touch. I also got to test the quality of the rearsets during a minor crash I had at East London, I must say when I had a look at my bike I was suprised the entire rearset wasn't in pieces, it was definantly not as damaged as I expected. I am very happy with the products that gets supplied from ORT-Online!"

Youngster Ricardo said,"I am personally very hard on knee sliders and go through sets as if they are candy! I am very impressed with the knee sliders I get from ORT-Online, they are long lasting and the shape of them are perfect, they scrape off evenly and stay on my racing suit. I am very happy!"


Kewyn said,"From a technical point of view I feel the Brake and Clutch lever guards are much better than most brands I have used mainly because they are from front to end full alliminium. I do not feel that I am at risk when using these products."

And there you have it, from the riders themselves!






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