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We have moved to the Mother city! This way we believe we can be much closer to all our clients and give a better service. All our motorcycle products are available at MISSILE MOTORCYCLES in Cape Town.

Round 4 of the SA SBK SERIES

It is race week for our supported rider Ricardo Otto, he will be competing at Aldo Scribante Raceway for Round 4 of the SA SBK SERIES.

This weekend will be the first time Ricardo will be competing in the SA SBK Series Super600 race on some sort of home grounds. Ricardo being situated in George, South Africa has no racing circuit close by, with Aldo Scribante being the closest one to home he will be treating this as his HOME NATIONAL. He is very excited for the opportunity to race here and we are proud to be supporting him 110% with his passion infront of his home crowd.


The racing weekend will consist of 3 qualifying sessions on Friday and 1 warmup on Saturday morning followed by 2 races for the day. It is a very promising event with alot of spectators being expected. Make sure to come check it out!


Photo by: The Marketing Agency


Mandela Bay 500 Raceday

Mandela Bay 500 Regional Race @ Aldo Scribante Racetrack OTTO RACING TEAM Race Report:


Jessica Howden #52
Jess had a good start to the weekend on Wednesday when she got on her green machine for the first time. After the first day she realized alot is to be learnt! She kept improving each & every time she got on the bike. She improved her times by more than 10 seconds from her first session on Wednesday to the last one on Saturday! She had a good practice day on Thursday & Friday mixing it up with the other 600s. The team decided that it would be best for Jess to make her 600cc debut in the breakfast run class.

Saturday came and Jess put her green machine on pole! Race 1 was tricky as this was her first start with the bigger bike. It all ended well and she did her PB laptime in Race 1 with a race win aswell!! Race 2 came along much later in the day and she impressed us all again by managing a great win once again! It was a good weekend for Jess, alot was learnt and she can only go up from here!! #52

Ricardo Otto #74
Ricardo had yet again another tough weekend. Ricardo managed to do his PB laptime this past weekend in Race 1. Thursday & Friday practice went really well for the young man. He kept improving and made giant steps forward with his machine. Qualifying he felt good putting it in P2 for the race! Race 1 he had a good dice with Jared Schultz & later on the race had a good time chasing down Jared. It was a really good race for the young man. Later in the race his lap times started dropping and we had an idea what was going on. Our theory was soon proven in Race 2 where it was clear there was a major problem on the rear end of his bike.

We take from this weekend another lesson and more knowledge. We will do everything we can to make sure this was the last of the problem. This was a good learning weekend in preparation for the upcoming national 15 June. #74

Zanté Otto #73
Zanté is still recovering from her previous crash at Killarney in April. Struggling with the concussions consequences & still resting her collarbone waiting for doctors clearance for the plate to be removed. Zanté took this weekend as a great opportunity to take the photographs for the team! On Sunday Zanté took the time to train the upcoming young lady, Kirsty Oberholzer #73 ! Zanté managed to teach her to pull away & change gears up - down all in one afternoon! Zantés future plans will be released soon. #73

The teams supporting rider Ashton Heidemann #72 had a good weekend getting to grips with the main circuit racing. He won the 300 class for the day! #72

It was a really good weekend overall for the team!  

A few photos from the weekend by The Marketing Agency 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼



New Website Management


We are happy to announce our new website managine team, THE MARKETING AGENCY. 


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Ricardo Sponsored by ORT-OnlineZante Sponsored by ORT-Online


ORT-online has joined paths with the OTTO RACING TEAM for their 2017 season. The Team of 3 are all very happy with the products supplied to them.










Otto Racing Team happy with ORT-Online products!


Otto Racing Team Happy with ORT-Online products!

The Otto Racing Team has recently started using ORT-Online products and we asked them what their oppinions are.

Their Lady Rider, Zante said," I really like the fuel caps, the make my bike look different to the ordinary zx6. It gives it a special touch. I also got to test the quality of the rearsets during a minor crash I had at East London, I must say when I had a look at my bike I was suprised the entire rearset wasn't in pieces, it was definantly not as damaged as I expected. I am very happy with the products that gets supplied from ORT-Online!"

Youngster Ricardo said,"I am personally very hard on knee sliders and go through sets as if they are candy! I am very impressed with the knee sliders I get from ORT-Online, they are long lasting and the shape of them are perfect, they scrape off evenly and stay on my racing suit. I am very happy!"


Kewyn said,"From a technical point of view I feel the Brake and Clutch lever guards are much better than most brands I have used mainly because they are from front to end full alliminium. I do not feel that I am at risk when using these products."

And there you have it, from the riders themselves!






Super-GP Champions Trophy Round 2 at East London Grand Prix Circuit for Otto Racing Team.


Super-GP Champions Trophy Round 2 at East London Grand Prix Circuit.


It was slightly a difficult weekend for the Otto Racing Team at the coast.


Ricardo took the double race win from pole position in the 250Cup and finished a distant 2nd in both SuperJunior races after starting 2nd on the grid. He was very happy with these results as just 2 weeks ago he broke his collarbone, the Team is very happy with the results youngster Ricardo brought home!


Zanté,our LADY RIDER, on the other hand had a small off on Friday morning in Free Practice 1 which put her in an uncomfortable position for the rest of the weekend suffering with abit of pain from the crash. She tested the quality of the ORT-Online rear sets and says she was very impressed. She is currently still recovering from a broken hand - she qualified 17th and finished race 1 in 19th place but unfortunately suffered from a broken chain in race 2 which means she couldn’t complete the race. She wasn’t very happy with the outcomes of the weekend but as the young lady says “I won’t give up, life can go from 0 to 100 real quick.”


Last but DEFINANTLY not least, Kewyn had an outstanding qualifying session where he put his ORT Kawasaki on the front row of the grid in 3rd place! He completed race 1 in 5th place, only missing 4th place by 100th of a second! TALK ABOUT CLOSE RACING! Unfortunately he got taken out in race 2, due to the close racing that takes place in this class he was happy to be part of the fight! He will definitely be back stronger at chasing a podium position in the Super600 class at the next round of the National Super-GP Champions Trophy.

The team will be working towards Zwartkops Raceway for Round 3 of the Super-GP Champions Trophy. They are in full RACE PREP MODE making sure all bikes are ready and ORT-Online are only making it easier for them by supplying all parts they need.


Be sure to have a look at the Otto Racing Teams bikes and see where you can spot the ORT-Online products!






Facebook Page Launched!

ORT-Online Launches on FaceBook!

Facebook is one of the top social networking sites. As more people explore social media, social networking sites have become some of the key online sources they use to learn more about products, organizations, artists and world events. Marketing on Facebook has a viral effect – information spreads through networks exponentially.


ORT-Online is ready to take on the world in social media terms, specifically!


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Website Launched!

Our website and online web store, has been officially launced. Please feel free to browse though our selection of products, and check back regularly, as we are constantly adding new products to our product range. Contact us for any special requests, or queries you may have